Internet on SE mobile from Ubuntu

After using my Sony Ericsson Yari mobile phone for a while I got disappointed from the slow response times. Using it for a while made the phone respond even slower in manner that wasn’t only annoying but also hard to use some times. I tried using lightweight themes and clearing the recent calls list but still the phone’s response time was really slow. I decided to try updating the phone’s firmware and see if there was any improvements on the performance.

My mobile contract didn’t include any Internet access plan, so I thought I could share my laptop’s internet access using my phone’s USB cable. After I connected my SE on my Ubuntu laptop a usb0 network interface appeared on my NetworkManager. After some trial and error I managed to share my internet connection with my mobile phone.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Right click on NetworkManager and select “Edit Connections”
  2. On the “Wired” tab select “Auto Ethernet” and hit “Edit”
  3. In “IPv4 Settings” select Method: “Shared to other Computers” and hit “Apply”
  4. On your Sony Ericsson mobile select: Settings -> Connectivity ->USB -> Advanced -> Internet access -> Via Computer
  5. You should be able to access the internet from your mobile phone using Ubuntu’s Internet connection.

After that I updated my phone’s firmware. Although I didn’t think it will help, my phone’s performance was significantly improved. I also noticed that the video recording shagginess issue was resolved too.