Web Develop or Just Browse with Firefox

Firefox Add-onsThere are two grate add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, that is a must for every web developer. I’m almost sure you know them.

Guessed right!

These are great tools even for non full time web developers. But they can impact your every day Internet browsing experience, by making Firefox more sluggish or just because they “pollute”  your beautiful interface. In other cases, everyday add-ons that make your browsing experience easier ( ads blockers, socialization stuff, … ) may harm your development process.

Considering all these, and because disabling each time the relative add-ons isn’t so convenient, I thought of using different Firefox Profiles for each job.

Profiles, are available from the early ages of Mozilla browser, but never found a reason to use it. It’s main reason of existence is to allow different users, use their own personal settings in the browser, but this is almost handled by OS’s multi-user capabilities.

What if the same person has multiple roles? Maybe a profile for each role could help.

  1. So, I popped up Profile Manager and created a new Development profile.
  2. Installed my development add-ons. Setup my interface and bookmarks to development needs.
  3. A special Firefox Developer shortcut.
firefox -p Developer -no-remote

That’s it!  A small inconvenience, of this setup is that if I run my Development profile Firefox first  and then try my default profile from it’s shortcut, a new Development profile Firefox tread will pop up. That’s because the default Firefox shortcut doesn’t use the -no-remote argument. But you can just add it your self 🙂

If only I could change my new profiles application icon  🙁

according to this, it doesn’t seem possible: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/forum/1/559678

DSL router blocking thumbnails

I changed my ADSL router with a wireless one, because our little dog had some chewing issues lately and ate all my UTP cables one by one. As a friend told me “Our little dog brought technology at home”.

Because I was to lazy (and out of money) to buy a new one, I borrowed a Philips  CGA5720s wireless router from axaristos. It is a ANNEX-B modem router that otenet shipped with new adsl connections in the past. It isn’t supported by Philips, thought!

The first issue was that my line is ANNEX-A (PSTN) but I was planning to use as a simple Wireless AP along with my old ADSL modem. Happily enough I found in the web that with a firmware upgrade Philips CGA5720s can be converted to ANNEX-A.

Simple process and all worked perfect.

But after some days I noticed that some websites ( e.g. Yahoo! Images, Booking.com ) had trouble showing me the thumbnails. Checking my routers logs I noticed some **SYN Flood to Host** errors when accessing these sites.

Hopping around the web I found to resolutions for the issue.

In the router web interface go to Security -> Firewall -> Intrusion Detection

  • disable SPI and Anti-DoS firewall protection

or if you don’t want to disable completely Intrusion Detection you can try changing the following values

  • Maximum incomplete TCP/UDP sessions number from same host (default: 10): 50
  • Incomplete TCP/UDP sessions detect sensitive time period (default: 300): 750 msec

And that’s it!

Free online virus scan services

Your anti-virus prompts you for an evil file in your system, but you believe it’s a false positive?

Maybe you spotted a weird file running in your system but your anti-virus solution seems not to care?

You can check it out  in the following free virus check file services that will check the “suspect” with different anti-virus software:

Hello you!

This is my personal blog. It’s really a long time that I wanted to maintain one.

The main reason of this blog is to track some of my every day concerns. I’m planning to keep it in english. Although I’m not an English tongue speaker. I got real help from other blogs of non english speakers in every day issues I had, just because they didn’t write in their mother tongue , so I’ll do the same way and hope to be of a help for others.

That’s it for now.