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Install Oracle JVM in Arch Linux

Unfortunately OpenJDK gives me headaches (eclipse crash in PDT and java applets not starting) in everyday work and I had to switch to OracleJDK (at least for now).

OpenJDK is a dependency on multiple Arch Linux packages so just installing Oracle’s JDK wasn’t enough.

First had to remove icedtea-web

sudo pacman -R icedtea-web

Then build Oracle JRE AUR package,

Before installing OracleJRE I had to remove openjdk6 manually and ignore dependencies:

[argy@Freak jre]$ sudo pacman -Rdd openjdk6

Install OracleJRE

sudo pacman -U jre-7u2-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz

Build and Install JDK AUR package:

sudo pacman -U jdk-7u2-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz

Logout and Login so the PATH gets updated and we are ready to go.

UPDATE: Actually Eclipse crashing had nothing to do with OpenJDK or PDT, but an issue with the installed xulrunner. Workaround available here: 6.1 Autocompletion and javadoc render crash


Setup an Apache Pivot project in Eclipse

Apache Pivot logoApache Pivot is an open-source platform for building rich web applications in Java. I was looking for a modern UI toolkit and Pivot is exactly that. I’m willing to give a try so I tried to setup some Pivot projects in Eclipse. It actually comes with an Eclipse plugin that simplifies development of Pivot applications.

So here is a quick guide to setup Eclipse for the development of Pivot applications
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